Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 4

Hey everyone, hopefully you enjoyed your 2 day break. Things are going to get a little tougher from here on out! Without further adieu, here's today's workout:

Warm Up: Jog 150 meters, walk 50 meters. Do this 8 times. Throw in stretches that you need, including calf stretches, IT band stretches, hip range of motion stretches, and hamstring stretches.

Workout: Cruise Miles! So, what exactly are cruise miles? Well, what you do is run 1 mile at a time. Lets say you start with a pace of 7:30. Run that mile, then take a 60 second break. Run the next mile 10 seconds faster, so 7:20. Continue this, taking a 60 second break in between each mile, and decreasing your time by 10-15 seconds each time. I ran 6 of these starting at 7:30. For beginners, try 4 starting at 7:30. As time progresses, we'll work our way down in starting times, and up in mileage.

Post-Workout: Do the same stretches you performed before. Core exercises for 45 seconds, and ab exercises for 60. Core and abs helps a lot in maintaining your form once you become fatigued. During a race, people with poor core and abs tend to bend forward/backward, which in turn makes the legs have to work harder.

If you're feeling sore after, ice down your muscles with an ice pack. This draws blood to the area and helps heal muscle faster. That's it for today!


  1. Hmmm... never knew that's what an ice-pack actually did. Nice to know.
    Keep up the exercise regime.

  2. I'll be honest, I didn't know what the icepack really did either haha. Does that also work for regular workouts such as weightlifting (benchpress, arm excercises, etc...)? If you have any regular workout tips that would be even more awesome!

  3. Vyper: Yup! Ice packs are wonderful! Basically, the more blood in an area (to an extent) the faster tears in the muscle fibers will heal. Remember, cold is for acute injuries, while heat is for chronic injuries.