Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 5

Warm Up: Jog 600 meters. 2 ins & outs (sprint 100, walk 100). Stretches.

Workout: Today we're going to work on speedwork in the form of a ladder. Do the following:

  1. 2x 200m ~35 seconds, 45 seconds rest between each
  2. 2x 400m ~78 seconds, 45 seconds rest between each
  3. 1x 800m ~160 seconds, 60 seconds rest
  4. 1x 1000m -Same pace as 800m, 90 seconds rest
  5. 1x 600m -Same pace as 800m, 60 seconds rest
  6. 1x 400m -Same pace as original 400, 45 seconds rest
  7. 1x 200m  -AFAP (as fast as possible)
Post Workout: For a cooldown, go on a 1.5 mile job at a comfortable pace. Do the same stretches as before. No core and abs today, enjoy the break :)

Today was a tough day, no way around it. But speedwork will remind you that your goal as a runner is to go fast

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